This just cuts the cake for me. To imagine that I-35 is the "holy hiway" from Isaiah is the most ridiculous and pompous idea I have ever heard. First, what does that really mean? Second, that holy hiway means that the end of the world is coming? Great, bring on the apocalypse. Third, isn't this mabye a metaphorical, poetic statement? Fourth, doesn't the verse say that that hiway will open up when Jesus comes back? I-35 has been around a while and the only person claiming to be Jesus I've heard about burned to a crisp in Waco.

I'm not totally anti Christianity, yet. I think there are plenty of lessons to be learned in the Bible. I just think that so many people take religious texts way to seriously and way to literally. Whatever. If somebody wants to attempt to bring on the apocalypse by trying to pray strip clubs on I-35 to close they can do what they want. I for one think its hilarious that a religion that espouses faith in a supreme God has followers who are verging on animism in praying for a road, of all things. At least a golden calf is cute, but a freakin' road? At least it's original I guess.