I'm very much a skeptic and not much into UFO conspiracy theories. I don't subscribe to the idea that the moon landing was faked, or that the black oil is infecting people and the cigarette smoking man knows something about it.

Still, the news out of Stephensville, Texas is interesting and fairly convincing that there was a very large UFO. I've seen or heard reports on nearly all of the major news outlets and they all say the same thing. Apparently numerous people saw similar strobing lights that hovered and then sped off really fast.

The thing that is so convincing is that these people were not together but in separate places and did not necessarily know each other. Despite this they discribe the same things, even down to many of them describing fighter planes going over after the thing went by. Of course the Air Force denies it. Still, if you are telling someone that they mistook a jetliner for a UFO, as the Air Force guy was quoted as saying, don't you think it would be odd that the same person would be able to identify a fighter moments later?

Statistics alone would say that most likely we are not alone in the universe (Unless you are a creationist, in which case you believe that the universe was created as a place to put the earth and thus must lack the feeling of insignificance one aught to get when looking up at the night sky. Does it bother you that it's a pretty small marble in a really big toy box?).

It takes alot more guesswork to say that these aliens would have interstellar technology. I'm still very much an ET and UFO sceptic but this is too convincing to blow off. It might not be from outer space, but something strange happened. That many people can't be wrong without resorting to more conspiracy theory (Like someone dropped a 50 gallon pail of LSD into the town's water pump that day)

Still, I find it odd that noone else has mentioned that the name of the county where Stephensville resides is Erath county. Doesn't it seem odd to be talking about aliens in a county where switching one letter spells Earth. Maybe the aliens are using a map with a misspelling? Or, maybe this is the funny, ironic clue to a larger hoax? It just seems really odd to me.

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