This shows the time it takes to fire 31 rounds from a SIG pistol identical to the pistol used to shoot Sean Bell on his wedding night. One officer shot 31 shots. Several other contributed the rest of the 50 that were fired.

The idiots who did it are now free to carry on with thier lives with no repercussions. They are members of the police force and, as we well know, they take care of their own. I'm just waiting for Rodney King part Deux: the East Side Rumble to begin.

If you can't figure out that someone is dead in 12 seconds of firing you don't deserve your badge. Regardless of the situation you should be able to control your fire, especially when no gun was seen before the firing erupted and in fact never existed. This was purely a case of masturbation by proxy on the part of the officers; overcompensation through trigger massage if you will. All I can say is they should have bought a red convertible instead of shooting some poor guy on his wedding night. I hope their fellow officers run them out of the department, but I know that won't happen.

I think this is possibly the worst case of Driving While Black that I have ever seen. The officers deserve every ounce of anger and pity that can be mustered. Anger for their actions and pity for the complete lack of the ability to control themselves at the height of a situtation for which they are uniquely trained to control. They do not deserve to be cops.