Anyone remember this story from Wisconsin about the elderly woman who's dead body was kept in the bathroom of a house while the family continued inhabiting it.
Now it sounds like a bit of willful negligence was part of the deal as well. (Echo's of the Wisconsin girl who died of diabetic shock after her parents refused treatment in favor of prayer) Perhaps fraud will not be the only charge after the investigation concludes.

She said she propped Middlesworth on the toilet and left the room to call Bushey, who told her to leave the woman alone and pray for her, the complaint said. He said he had received signs that God would raise her from the dead with a miracle.

Lewis went on to say she thought Middlesworth was still breathing when she put her on the toilet and called Bushey, instead of an ambulance.

Yahoo News

Currently the couple is being charged with forging checks from the woman's account in order to use her monthly Social Security checks to fund their church/cult The Order of the Divine Will. So, at least this wasn't a case of pure religious zealotry, we can at least throw greed into the mix to add a bit of earthly, mortal sin to the mix.

Lewis told the deputy that "God told her Alvina would come back to life if she prayed hard enough." Bushey told the deputy that "Lewis was obedient and served the Lord just as she should."
I won't tar all religious people with the brush that painted these freaks, but wow!

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