First, a look at some amazing parkour action...then a look at the Cuckoo for Jesus Puffs interpretation of how this relates to the evolution debate.

Pretty phenomenal stuff if I may say so myself. What does this have to do with evolution you may ask. (or, in my case possibly had never even thought to imagine)

Parkour and Biomimicry

"In citing primates as the inspiration for his innovative running style, Belle has thrown evolutionists an inadvertent curveball. Evolution involves a natural progression of more complicated, stronger, more adapted organisms (see Jackson, n.d.). If natural selection caused macroevolution to occur, we must ask why it produced a higher life form—Homo sapiens—without preserving obviously advantageous physical traits from the order Primates? Such features allow primates members to move efficiently and effortlessly in the wild. According to evolution, human movement should be better suited for survival than ape movement, not the other way around."

Caleb Colley, Apologetics Press 2007

Why is it that these kooks must always assume that evolution is a march towards perfection with humans at the apex? Of course the idea of ecological niche is left completely out of the picture, to them were evolution to have occured it would mean that the end result would be an animal perfectly suited to every situation that could possibly be encountered in the world from the deepst ocean to the highest peak and with a brain capable of complete understanding of the universe in which it lives. Wow!

Of course this argument can be turned on it's head when we realize that implicit in the statement is the converse assumption that God created a severely flawed species (humans). So, God left a puny, flaccid, easily injured and ungainly creature in charge of all these other species which are much better adapted physically. What was god thinking!!! (Mabye this was part of the whole punishment for original sin?

Oh, and when was the last time you saw an ape (or monkey) doing midair flips, long distance drops onto a hard surface, rolls? So, I guess that kindof invalidates the argument that humans are less gymnastically able than chimps. We are certainly have different abilities but the fact remains that some of the things Foucan and Belle do you will never see a monkey accomplish.