Until today I remained blissfully uninformed of the cartoons of Jack Chick.

The latest cartoon/tract on evolution is partiularly uninformed and, well, gag inducing. (tip to Pharyngula for the link)

Aside from his obvious misunderstanding of of evolution I think this shows some of the views that inform his writing. The key is the last line, "Evolutions final solution is the elimination of the weaker!".

Who decided that brown eyes or skin pigment infer negative selective advantage? Evolution would say the converse, that these traits are in fact advantageous and thus flourished through selective pressure. So where did this value judgement come from? Well...more than likely from the conscious, subliminal, or barely concealed prejudices of Jack Chick himself.

Happy Fundie Fun Day everybody! Can't you just feel the love of Christ in the air from this stuff. It would make Jesus proud I tell you.