Dan Savage brought up an excellent point in his recent column. I don't usually read his column for deep philisophical concepts but he has a knack for pointing out hypocricy when he sees it.

"Well, the one-man-and-one-woman crowd has been strangely silent about this polygamist sect in Texas that's been all over the news. It appears that the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has been organizing marriages/statutory rapes between one man and dozens or more women and/or girls. "Where's the outrage?" writes a reader, which prompted me to go looking for some outrage at the website of Concerned Women for America (http://www.cwfa.org/). There are more anti-gay-marriage press releases packed onto CWFA's website than there is fudge packed into all the homos in all the Sodoms in all of North America. But there's not one single word that I could find about these straight men in Texas violating the holy and sacred oneman-and-one-woman rule. What gives? "

Excellent point!

So why would a Christian be so willing to sweep polygamy and statutory rape under the rug? After all many Fundies see the LDS church as a cult anyway and 1st Corinthians states unequivocally:

"each man is to have his own wife, and each woman is to have her own husband." 1 Corinthians 7:2
I don't get it except that Fundies are attracted to other Fundies, no matter their stripe. People who believe in bizarre, intolerant fantasies can more easily step into the shoes of other bizzarre and intolerant people. It is much harder for them, in my opinion, to step into the open, affirming shoes of a couple of flamingly gay guys because they lack the background and ability to grasp the worldview.

Take for example the blog, "Our Conservative Spirit", who is currently running a frantic campaign to "free the innocent FLDS kids".

This is the same blogger who touts "A Course in Miracles" as the 21st century scripture of Jesus Christ and feels that Jesus has spoken these things directly through him (he talks as though e wrote it but I doubt he is actually one of the writers). Needless to say, he won't allow my comments to be published to his blog. He is admittedly a conservative Christian and yet sees no problem with the polygamy and instead sees the whole thing as a Marxist takeover.

I'd love to ask him why he chooses to ignore the polygamy (nevermind child rape), but being effectively banned from commenting tends to keep the questions to a minimum. As a correlary do they then think that children of gay men (adopted or natural) should be returned to their family or taken from them? I have a feeling that they would tend toward latter not the former for fear the children would be somehow mentally tainted by the experience. As if waking up to your parents having sex in the next room is all that different if the parents are two men making all the noise. Either way you just want to get back to sleep.