Wow, this is tantalizing. The Pheonix Mars lander blew away a layer of dust on landing and uncovered what looks like ice! This is a big deal, possibly the first signs of extraterrestrial surface water and thus the first sign of possibly habitable environments.

So...why is this not on the front pages of even the BBC? The first signs of ice were reported in a press conference on the 30th. The picture above was reported by NASA on the 31st. The BBC article was posted 8 hours ago and isn't even on the BBC Science/Nature page as a major headline. I realize that until they have confirmation it is just a guess. Scientifically we should all keep our knickers from bunching, but news is news and I think this qualifies to be a major story.

I love Bo Diddley and Edward Kennedy but I could have done fine without knowing that the Pringles can inventor was buried inside his own invention. Had they substituted that story for this one I think all would be well.

Why is the media shying away from this? I didn't even hear mention on Talk of the Nation, which usually at least mentions these NASA news events if not preempts thier normal schedule to discuss them.