I'm really not a fan of Nancy Grace. Underclassing Bill O'Rielly with her judgemental ignorance and reliance on tabloid fearmongering is a notable feat, yet she manages it with aplomb.

Did you know that she was once a prosecutor? She was repremanded twice by the Georgia Supreme court for blatant misconduct including, unsuprisingly given her current career, an unauthorized search of the defendents home while dragging a CNN film crew along.

So her TV demeanor isn't an act, she's just as judgemental and above the law as she acts. I attempt to ignore her as much as possible but occasionally I hit a video on CNN that has her in it. Today was no exception as I watched a video on the case of the boy left at a Wal-Mart.

I agree the mothers actions are terrible, but the way Nancy Grace denigrated the woman was beyond the pale. Her arguement basically came down to, 'Look at her, she's obviously not lacking for food. She can feed the boy, so she shouldn't have left him there".

Her use of derogatory language in regard to the womans weight totally misses the point. There are other reasons besides food that would make a woman leave her child at a Wal-Mart. Chief among these would be paranoid schizophenia but health problems, lack of a job, abuse by family, impending prison sentence, etc...could all be causes. I'm not saying that it isn't terrible but lets stop with the fat bashing until all options are explored and mabye some truth can come out. There may be some mitigating circumstances.

But what do you expect from someone callous enough to possibly goad a guest into suicide. And someone who harps for months that the Duke LaCrosse team is guilty, then takes the day off and lets another reporter break the news that the charges have been dropped.

Uggh! It is judgemental, egotistical, closed minded people like Nancy Grace that create the culture of fear and tabloid news that anyone with a brain despises, and yet they renew her show because it is those very same people who watch her. Shame on you America.