I am so tired of the BS going around about "elitist" politicians. Supposedly Barak Obama is "elitist" and yet somehow John McCain, he of the 8 or 9 houses and $58,000/year tax free "disability" benefits, is considered to be a good old working stiff.

It isn't that I don't think Barak is an elitist, he is. The problem is that we have demonized elitism. What is elitism? Anyone with money or power really, although it helps if you stick your nose up at something that the average Southern white trash find particularly satisfying. Insult guns or god and you're screwed. Be seen with a Starbucks in your hand and apparently you are the antichrist given the "Latte Liberal" term being bandied about. (Nevermind that by this definition and the strength of Starbucks sales most of the population is therefore an elitist)

Name me a president who wasn't an elitist by the current definition. Simply by becoming a nominee you have entered the most elite group of people in the world. You don't become a nominee without intelligence (debatable!), education, money, and power. These are the very definition of elite. True, an elitist must also turn up her nose at her lesser man, I suppose, but to call someone an elitist simply by virtue of attending a good college or turning up their nose at ignorant actions stikes me as pathetic? How many times have I heard someone described as an elitist simply because of their Ivy League pedigree?

Do you want Joe Schmoe from the tavern down the street to run your country for you? I want the brightest, most intelligent, and most well connected person there is to run the most powerful country in the world. If he looks down on people who cling to outdated notions or are too ignorant to understand his position, I guess I'm OK with that. I simply don't have sympathy for anyone who clings to their ignorance or lack of success as a part of their identity and uses it to bash candidates. If you want a middle of the road guy nominate Larry the Cable Guy, just don't let him near the football.