I'm pretty busy with moving but thought I'd share this in case you haven't seen it splashed across CNN's front page. I swear CNN must have someone on the "jesus' face in a..." beat. They have one at least once every couple months. This one is apparently jesus, wrapped in the shroud of Turin emblazoned on the rump of a tabby kitten. What do you think? I had to squint pretty hard even to see a face, but, as a non-believer I'm sure it's true nature was magically hidden from me.

Thankfully the only embeddable (is this a word?) version I could find also lives up to my take on the issue of "jesus in a..." phenomenon with a laconic, dry, nearly self indulgent but hilarious delivery from Zeitgeist on MSNBC.

Keep watching until the end for tidbits of "Cheesus", the cruciform cheeto (there are actually two Jesi, although the first one looks more like a fetus to me.), and even a visage in a sink drain apparently.

Wait!!! There are three cheeto Jesi (Can Jesus be plural or is that ruled out by definition and linguisitic convention?) This one sounds like it cured a hangover:

Description: I was sitting back, hungover, eating up some Cheetos when I came across this beauty. After pulling it out of the bag, my hangover was cured and I could not bear to eat this God send. I am not sure the powers this Cheeto holds, but I would like someone else to own it as I no longer have a need for a cure. This Cheeto will be shipped very securely to ensure it is not broken, although I am pretty sure it is self healing anyhow.
I swear, this just keeps getting better. I'd better close IE and get back to the work I need to get done. Watch the third Zeitgeist episode (six legged deer leads off the episode) to reveal a man who was caught driving with a blood alcohol level of .49, a level higher than ever recorded. Take a look at the effects of alcohol at different concentrations, 0.49 should have caused coma or death but he was DRIVING! Scary!