Thought y'all might be interested to know that the VP candidate currently dragging down the IQ scores of the McCain campaign is an alum of my current university, the University of Idaho. Yep, I am walking the same vaunted halls that Sarah Palin haunted when she was just a twinkle in John McCain's eye, so to speak.

UofI has a rotating Flash image on their front page with notable people and achievements of the college. The day or so after McCain picked her they promptly put her up in the rotation as a crown jewel of the college. I noticed today that her picture and bio are no longer a part of the rotating image. She's been ousted in favor of "Rolling Vandal Pride on the 'I-Bus'".

Funnily enough, the other 4 images (Evolutions in Womens Health, Gerri Saylor, Kristin Armstrong (Gold Medal Cyclist), and Integrating the Arts) have all been up since I started school or around then. So, not only does she not qualify in the same league as an Olympian but she doesn't even compare with a rattletrap of an old bus that's been painted black and gold to advertise Div II football games. Not only that, but no one at the school remembers her. Sheesh! She is really hitting rock bottom!

Poor lady, shunned even by her own college. I would call it a case of being Expelled by the liberal academic elite except,'s UofI, not Bard College we're talking about.