"The womb is such a powerful weapon; it's a weapon against the enemy," Campbell says...

A Christian God, that is. Campbell says if believers don't starting reproducing in large numbers, biblical Christianity will lose its voice.

"We look across the Islamic world and we see that they are outnumbering us in their family size, and they are in many places and many countries taking over those nations, without a jihad, just by multiplication," Campbell says.

This isn't anything too new to Catholics but the sentiment is rather scary. This is a quote from an NPR story on the Quiverfull movement among conservative Christians. The idea is that God says be fruitful and multiply, so you shouldshun birth control and actively try to have as many kids as you can.

I've always wondered if anti-birth control folks understood the implications of exponential growth, this story proves that they at least understand them enough to use them to short term advantage. The idea of breeding your way to religious dominance is better than a crusade I guess, but it brings up its own set of major ethical issues.

Of course, not believing in evolution they probably don't think about the fact that in the past family size was limited severely by disease, infant mortality, lack of food leading to sterility, and just plain shorter lifespans. The average American could easily breed themselves into ill-health and a broken down body since the only limits on their family size is their fecundity. This doesn't even take into account the impact on the planet.

We are currently the only species on the planet that has yet to hit it's ecological limits. Our growth is running at a wildly exponential pace, increasing by the billions now in very short time spans. Eventually we will hit our carrying capacity, either through lack of water (the leading contender at the moment), disease, starvation, energy collapse, or nuclear holocaust due to political ramifications of the aforementioned. We can bump up against carrying capacity gently through population planning, or ram into the ceiling at full force with disastrous consequences. It is an inevitable fact that we tend to blithely ignore that there is only so much room on the planet. Are the ethics of bearing children only to hasten this fate truly less important than following a vague rule in a 2,000 year old book and going to get your vasectomy reversed?

You know my thoughts on it, I'd enjoy hearing yours.