Here are a few blogs and websites I read. I will, of course, keep adding to it as I find more.

PLOS Ecology Field Reports - Blog community for and by ecologists sponsored by PLOS. I blog here. It's a great way to keep up with publications in the field.

Palouse River Music - Neighbor, friend, accomplished multi-instrumentalist and recording engineer, prairie restoration guru, and perhaps the inventor of the Starbucks Frappuccino.

Fremier Lab Blog - A lab blog for Prof. Alex Fremier, collaborator and all around great guy

The Watershed - A science blog by my lab supervisor and friend Emily Benson

The Fisheries Blog - A great blog about fisheries and careers in the fisheries related sciences

Ellen at Large - The blog of a former lab mate and excellent writer who spends lots of time in fieldwork on Lake Tanganyika and recently the Peruvian Amazon.

Man Makes Fire - Mostly a "get out and do it" blog aimed at men, includes plenty of product reviews, mostly outdoors and adventure related. It's run by a friend of mine and is worth a read.

I Fucking Love Science - The greatest idea ever. Combine irreverence with great science so everybody will blush when asked "Where did you learn that?"

Pharyngula - Yes, he's abrasive but I enjoy the perspective and the scientific posts are almost always on the money. There's a reason it was the first super-popular science blog.

The New York Times - Still one of the great news sources, I religiously use up my 10 free articles on
all of my devices every month.

The BBC - Another of the great news sources. Follow it for awhile and you'll realize how much world news we miss here in the states.