Well, Here I am. I've Done it. I've broken into the digital age and joined the squirming throngs at the Blogger homepage. I hope you enjoy. I hope I live up to the job of postin gfrequently enough to keep people interested.

I have to say I don't like the idea of starting a blog just to talk about my life. Interesting as it is I'd rather only live it once, in real time. For sure, I'll post things that I think are important but don't expect a rundown of my daily activities week in and week out. I won't bore you. Rather I'd like to keep this blog limited to a topic.

I wanted to pick a widely applicable topic that relates to lots of things and has controversy written all over it. I want comments. I like to debate and I like current events. I also like travel and other cultures. With all this taken into account I decided to pick 'Equality' as the topic of my blog. It relates to everything in a way. In any human endeavor there are winners and losers. As well there are an equal number who can't, or won't, succeed for reasons beyond their control. There are, of course, the rare, attention grabbing cases of those who succeed despite the stacking of the deck.

As often as I can I will post something relating to equality. It may be current events, something I've heard or seen, or something I am interested in that doesn't grab the headlines. I won't limit myself to the tried and true topics of womens rights, civil rights, race relations, 1st vs. 3rd world. That's boring. I want to stretch the limits of what relates to the topic. Again, I hope I'm up for the job.

Have fun. And do post whatever you feel. I enjoy the opinions. But please keep it respectful. There is nothing worse than character assasination as a means of persuasion. And in that vein; why don't we all attempt not to use the dumb buzzwords of our current political day and age. Basically, if you've heard Bush or Kerry say it during the election then don't use it. We're all so stuck in our ideological trenches that we can't seem to find our way out. If you find yourself about to post a buzzword or catchphrase appropriate to Carl Rove or Moveon.org at least reword what you have to say. If we don't use the lingo it forces us all think more deeply about the meaning of what we say.

And of course it's always nice to see evidence to back up an arguement. The web makes it so easy it's a shame more people don't use it. Extra kharma points to anyone with well reasoned arguments backed up by a hyperlink. Double the points if it is a primary source and not just an unverified quote from a third party webpage.