We really aren't that different. We're a little taller and straighter standing but often we have similar amounts of hair and make just as many funny noises.

Just published yesterday was a paper in the journal Nature comparing the complete Chimpanzee genome with that of humans. Turns out we share 96% of our genetic material and possibly only a fraction of that is in so called protein coding regions rather than junk DNA.

I guess we don't tend to think of ourselves as monkeys but we really are closer than we think. I'm sure there are some die hard creationists who still are afraid to admit this fact so in honor of this historic instant in scientific inquiry I am posting some links that show we really are closer to monkeys than we think.

Just yesterday, in a cascade of serindipidous coincidence, I happened upon a video of Parkour. This sport is the art of moving in our environment fluidly and without regard to normal obastacles and boundries. Not dance, not martial arts , not free climbing but a hybrid; the idea is that we can move fluidly through any obstacle. The results are very reminicent of the way monkeys move through their environment without regard to height and using all four, and sometimes 5, limbs.

I am truely amazed by what David Belle and Sebastien Foucan, the co-founders of the discipline, are able to do. I am also inspired by the philosophy. Although alot of the following video clips are high altitude gap jumps and other acrobatics most of what the sport is about takes place closer to the ground. For example learning to vault obstacles, climb walls, jump from ledge to ledge and basically making all obstacles crossable in a fluid, beautiful motion. It's very incredible.

Having discovered this I'll feel much better the next time I feel like jumping a fence or vaulting a railing. Sometimes these little obstacles feel just a bit to limiting and it's nice to know others feel the same way. I doubt I'll be jumping from roof to roof any time soon however.

Here are the links. The first one is an amazing video. The next is a Parkour site with videos of different Parkour groups and alot of discription of the sport. And check out how much the movements mimic monkeys jumping. It reminds me of the monkeys jumping around on walls and roofs in India when I was there.

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