This is why I think older people should voluntarily take courses like this. On top of that it only makes sense to have people over a certain age have to be checked more often for vision, reaction time, etc... I would hate to see older people have thier privileges taken away when they are living longer and healthier today. On the other hand I think many very elderly people don't realize how much their bodies have changed. Of course driving through a toll lane with a dead body through your windshield is mabye a bit of an extreme case but it highlights the point rather well I think.

I know my grandparents took the 55 Alive course and thought it was excellent. They still drive a 5th wheel down to Arizona every year despite my grandpa being 80 years old. At the same time they realize that they have limits and I think they watch themselves carefully to make sure they plan their trips to accomodate that. I've passed some elderly people on the hiway that have scared me to death with their obvious inability to respond to traffic.

Just a thought.