Well, It would appear that those quaking suburbanites can now at least attend NBA games. That is if they shell out for courtside seats so they can be close enough to the NBA players sporting snazzy sport coats. Heaven forbid they sit in the cheap seats with all those people dressed like thugs! They might get robbed or beaten up!

In making players dress up I don't see respect for the game, I see a closed minded disrespect for black culture. The players I've seen have never looked bad, they look very stylishly dressed. What exactly is the respect conferred by a sport coat? It is the respect of authority because a sport coat is the symbol of powerful white men. It has nothing whatsover to do with honoring the game of basketball. There are many ways to honor or respect something and most are displayed by actions not finery. (e.g.-Ron Artest does not respect the game because he acts like an asshole on and off the court, Tim Duncan or KG show immenent respect for the game. None dress like a corporate board member but rather show their respect through their actions on and off the court.)

Certain Central American tribes honor thier God by dressing up in nothing but a G-string like contraption and covering their penis with a very long, thin gourd. My point is that culture dictates how you dress. Basketball has spawned it's own distinct following and appropriated the dress of popular black culture. Now David Stern wants all those players to dress like fat-cat corporate white men. It doesn't fit the culture of the game, nor does it fit the culture to which the game is marketed. I think it's a silly idea. I'll watch golf or just go to work if I want to see people dressed in snooty business casual attire.