As a scientist I am appalled by the revelation that the most revolutionary scientific paper this year may have been fabricated, at least in part. Yesterday it was reported that Wu Suk Hwang, South Korea's prestigious cloning researcher may have fabricated data in his pioneering paper detailing the creation of stem cells tailored to individual patients. The journal Nature, which published the report, is considering Hwang's request for a retraction of the paper and several co-authors have asked to have their names removed from the paper.

In the world of journalism this is just now becoming a big news story. It has been brewing for months but spilled over earlier this week when Hwang's collaborators on the paper came forward with allegations and South Korean news agencies jumped all over it. And yet, does not even include a mention of the story on it's site. It is on the homepage of the New York Times online. It was the main story on NPR's Science Friday show today. Even Fox News has the story in the sidebar on it's science page and you all may know what opinion I have of Fox News in general. But CNN doesn't have a mention of it anywere on their site, not the front page, not on the headlines of the science section at the bottom of the page, not on the science page. Not even a link to the story anywhere.

True, the story about the shuttle fuel tank is newsworthy and the fact that people are trying to save the Polar Bear is noble and even interesting. However, to completely ignore the biggest science story of the year is absurd. It makes you wonder what else you are missing by getting your news from their site. I guess I'm glad I'm not a single source person when it comes to the news, unfortunately too many people are.