Here is a little tidbit that I just can't quite wrap my head around. I just can't believe people can actually sleep at night believing this stuff.

I just finished watching a clip on CNN about online hate games. They highlighted among other things a game in which one gets points for shooting pregnant mexicans, called "Breeders" in the game, for points as they cross the Rio Grande. More aggregious in my book is the Doom style game "Ethnic Cleansing" that depicts a race war in which the goal is to kill Blacks and Latino's who are being controlled by a Jewish underworld. The game comes complete with a choice of between kkk and skinhead for a protagonist and opponents who die while spewing forth choice nuggets of derogatory sterotypes for their particular race.

This shit just pisses me off. I know we have a free country but good lord, what are they thinking? It makes me so mad!!!!!

Here is a link to the CNN topic and here is one to the Antidefamation League website with links to more info.

The thing that got me was when they interviewed the "CEO" of Alliance games who was saying that it "filled a niche among racially conscious teenagers". What Fucking Garbage!! I can't believe that they couch their language in that corporate crap. The thing I think is hypocritical is that they promote killing people of other races for a profit but apparently don't actually think highly enough of their own twisted ideals to act on it or make it known what they believe in plain english. If they did there would be alot more racial violence then there already is.

For everyone's sake I hope they don't ever get to that point but I find it ridiculous that they seem to have a disconnect in their own rhetoric. They spew forth this hate speech but are doing it for a profit and refuse to say that they even agree completely with the content. To me that shows just how much of this is a plea for attention, a wild, horrible and twisted way to live out a fantasy world in which they are the top dog for once in their sick little lives.

The thing I find even more ridiculous is that I shouldn't want to kick the shit out of someone that thinks that way because we're all free to have an opinion in this country and like it or not I do believe in non-violence. On the other hand if I were left in a room with that hypocitical little weasel he'd be eating his balls for breakfast when I left. I guess hypocricy breeds hypocrisy doesn't it.