I love magic tricks. I'm terrible at doing them and even worse at guessing how they are performed. I think this is part of what makes them so appealing. I know I'm being fooled by I'm completely flumoxed when it comes to how I've been fooled. It is a complete rush!

After watching a few clips from Richard Dawkins new show debunking 'paranormal' stuff I found a link in the comments section of One Good Move blog to this wonderful illusion. In fact YouTube user Quirkology is incredible for lots of similar tricks which expose how faulty our senses really are in certain situations. Try to spot the trick before they reveal it at the end!

Now that you know to be looking for tricks take a look at this one. This is the "Best Card Trick in the World" according to the author. He's darn good.

For those of you who were fooled but want a spoiler here is the revelation.

Of course it is in part due to excellent card manipulation skills. This guy isn't that great, if you watch after you know the trick it's obvious when he's doing it. But a really good manipulator could do a whole lot more without you knowing. How good can you get at card manipulation? I'm glad you asked.

Now grasshooper...it is time to watch a master. Sorry for those who don't speak Spanish but it's pretty hard to miss this trick, it's long but very obviously devoius even without the words. I had to watch the two introductory card tricks multiple times to even figure out that I was being tricked. I thought it was just card manipulation. Watch carefully...and feel free to ignore the wierd lookin long haired dude that shows up for a bit at the biginning...Arturo de Ascanio is a master.

What does this tell you about the need for empirical proof, examination, and testing before trusting your senses or your brain in matters of life, death and afterlife?