I find this appalling. As you may know Dick Cheney has been probably the most staunch supporter of going into Iraq. Of course it was WMD's first, then regime change as a reason. I'm not sure they ever really were nailed down on the reason. Still, there was never a viable link between Iraq and terrorism which wasn't discounted prior to the war.

Now we see a video from 1994 that has Cheney contradicting everything we have now done in Iraq and calling an invasion a "Quagmire". OMG! The only thing that changed since 1994 is 9/11, yet there were never any credible arguments that Iraq would have given weapons to Al Qaeda, even if they had them (which they didn't). Cheney knew it would be a quagmire, and even gave all the reasons which are now coming true, and said that Saddam wasn't worth over 150 casualties. Was he worth over 3,000 Dick? But, of course, no mistakes were made in the war planning despite Cheney knowing full well in 1994 that without an excellent plan for a postwar Iraq it would become a splintered state and threaten the integrity of the region. What a warmongering, slimy, political idiot.

I am beyond appalled at what I perceive as hypocrisy on this point. Even if you don't see it as hypocritical you have to admit it highlights the egregious errors in judgement for a postwar Iraq, since they knew exactly what was going to happen and yet rushed into a war without the planning necessary to carry it through. Between this and the fact that they constantly say "we listen to the generals on the ground" while contradicting what those generals say they need, I believe this administration is guilty of the worst wartime sin there is. They have left the troops out to dry. I find it sickening and appalling that even now that they are not facing reelection, and their poll numbers can't get any worse, they cannot face that fact and apologize to the American people for their mistakes. Maybe they haven't apologized because they haven't finished fucking it up yet?