I think this blog needs a bit of levity.

Mabye you've heard of "Will it Blend?" the YouTube sensation. The guy who puts iPhones, matchbox cars, glowsticks, and butane lighters into a blendtec blender and turns them to dust.

What's your favorite video? Mine is the video camera, not because it explodes or glows or is particularly dangerous, but because you get to see what it looks like from the camera's perspective until the sensor loses power. It's compelling in a wierd way and very creative.

The best part though is that they try to return it to Best Buy. I love it! Too bad he didn't get the Accidental Service Plan, he might have got his money back. I wonder if you could do this with a camera from Ritz with thier Extended Service Policy no questions asked return policy and get a new one?

As always I love comments. What do you know about blending electronics and/or return policies.