So, we should create a "terrorist deterant" similar to the cold war by saying we will bomb Mecca if they attack us. This according to Tom Tancredo just the other day. I love the hypocricy of the extreme Christian right wing.

What an incredibly Christian thing to do. I mean, they might all be going to Hell for not believing in the right God, but didn't Jesus say we should love our enemies? Turn the other cheek? Try to convert them but not force them to it? You realize that that is the way it would be seen, as trying to exterminate their religion. Also, haven't we always (at least until the Iraq war) seen religious sites as off-limits. Even now we try everything we can before bombing the shit out of tiny mosques in Iraq. Can you imagine the world war we would create by bombing Mecca?

Oh, and would Iran then have a free pass at bombing Bethlehem if we decide to bomb out their nuclear capacity? Tit for tat ya know. I'm sure they wouldn't spin our bombing them as a salvo of terrorism against the muslim faith, would they?

Although not quite as deluded as Pat Robertson tancredo certainly is coming close to taking the cake. least he's not a flip-flopper or a waffler. He's held this belief for a long time. Remind me how idiots like this get elected. At least he doesn't have a chance at becoming president.