So...I've officially survived a round of layoffs at work. I'm happy for that, I didn't really want to have to look for a job right now. Unfortunately I don't have much confidence in the management of the company so we'll see how things go from here.

One of my dearly departed co-workers spent a great deal of time creating a scale model in stents of Stone Henge. Stent Henge was created with pieces of scrap Nitinol self expanding vascular stents embedded in cured Sylgard 184 elastomer. It is a nearly perfect reproduction of the layout of the famous stone circle in England in a compact package just about the perfect size for a paper weight. It took nearly a year of work during slow periods using extra silicone from other projects.

I'm pretty darn impressed. Check out these pictures in comparison to the picture of the real Stone Henge. This would definitely make a great gift and a quirky conversation piece for the person you know who has everything. Unfortunately it is a one of a kind, and resides at the residence of the artist, so you'll have to wait until Christie's auctions his estate unless he donates it to a public museum.

Behold! Stent Henge!

And here is the, significantly bigger, real thing.