I often read Russell Seitz's blog. Smart guy...Harvard Educated...distinguished professor...all that jazz. But I'm a bit mystified by this blog post. For some humor you can check out my reply to his post.

I'm glad to know someone cares enough about his work to nearly plagarize his entire article. I've searched high and low on Forbes.com and the internet to find his original and can't. It's the premise I can't wrap my head around. I suppose my issue is with Mr. Lomborg, not Russell Seitz, given that I don't know exactly what his premise was.

From the citation on his "about me" page the subheading of the article is, "Climate change from the ground up". Apparently he sees painting all man made surfaces white as a cure for climate change, the logic being that all that radiation would be reflected back into space where it belongs. Hmmm...

I hope a man this intelligent qualified that statement in the article with the very real fact that this is a bandaid for "heat islands" not a fix for global climate change. The fact of the matter is that all that reflected light would still be subject to the greenhouse effect of CO2 in the atmosphere (unless one believes that CO2 has no effect on temperature). The only net effect would be to bring the temperature of cities in line with the temperature of the rest of the countryside.

Although this is good for the death tolls related to heat waves it does little to change global temperature rise. Still, lets assume it did.

Let's look at the area involved. The earth is 70% water which is already quite reflective, the other 30% is not anywhere near covered in cities and tarmac. Have you been to the Dakota's or Montana...The Gobi or Sahara desert...Siberia...Australian Outback...99% of Africa...The Amazon? I'd say a very conservative estimate of the amount of land area covered by city or pavement would be 5%.

Lets take this by the numbers we do have. According to the CIA the total land area in the entire US, excluding that covered by water, is 9,161,923 sq km. According to Earth Policy Institute the total area covered by pavement in the US is (very) approximately 0.158 million sq. km. To be (more than) amply fair lets quadruple that to take into account the amount of land area taken up by buildings and other structures. We get 0.632 million sq. km. By all accounts the US has the most paved land of any country.

So, you mean to tell me that by painting 0.07% of the worlds land area, only 0.0012% of the worlds total surface area, we can avert global temperature rise? My hats are off to anyone who can state this hypothesis with a straight face (as Mr. Lomborg does). I hope that Mr. Seitz did not attempt this as well, but I cannot find the article.