Who is it that feels the need to kill a woman using a baby rigged with explosives? How ironic given that that woman was the first head of state to give birth in office. How sad that it had to happen to such a person, a graduate of Radcliffe/Harvard and Oxford, a strong female leader sharp mind. A woman who was a human being and known to some as "Pinky". How sick that when it didn't work they had to find another way to do it, and eventually succeeded.

As I'm sure you know by now some one (one is incorrect, it was obviously planned and orchestrated by a group) has assassinated Benazir Bhutto in Rawalpindi today. Apparently the bomb that went off didn't do the trick, it was gunfire that finally killed her, but reports are conflicting.

One line stuck out in the the BBC article:

"Mr Sharif said there had been a "serious lapse in security" by the government."

No Shit! Who'da'thunkit! Wonder why they would let that happen? Any takers for that mind bending question?

And we support the lying sack of shit who currently runs the country! Listen, I think Musharraf has done a decent job as dictator. He's consolidated power, crushed opposition and the press, in short everything that a dictator should do. He has fought the Islamist movement, which I must give him credit for. This is possibly his one shining light yet it was not done out of goodwill.

Dictators hate religion for a reason, especially radical religion. Most dictators probably wouldn't care much about Presbyterians or Lutherans but anyone with an even slightly radical social outlook is a danger. You can't control a population that worships two rulers so dictators always try to push religion aside and do funny little dances to both embrace and shun religion, unless they take power as a religious person or start their own religion. Radical Islam is probably the biggest threat to government in the middle east and a monstrous threat to a dictator like Musharraf. Is it any wonder then that he fought it, just as Saddam Hussein was against radical Islam? He would have fought it either way, although I'm sure it helps to have the carrot and stick of the USA threatening you if you don't. Remember that the Islamic movement has tried multiple times to assassinate Musharraf.

Really though, I'm just sick of the fact that we as humans do this shit to each other in the name of politics or religion, and often both. What stupid things to get up in arms about when you think about it. Killing someone because they don't agree with you, how very congenial. Killing someone because they don't agree in the same imaginary god as you, how sick and twisted can you get.

In the end what are you left with? Today we are left with the dead body of one of the greatest Muslim politicians and one of the greatest woman rulers in modern times. We are left with the ruin of a life that started in bloodshed and was washed in it from the time her father was killed, through the deaths of multiple relatives and several tumultuous returns to her country, to a bomb tied to a baby that killed numerous supporters and finally a suicide blast and gunfire that ended it all.

This is the story of a woman who became one of the youngest heads of state in the world at 35 and the first woman to lead a Muslim country. A woman who became the first head of state to give birth in office in 1990. A woman who was listed as one of the worlds 50 most beautiful people. A woman of intelligence who chaired one of the greatest debating societies in the world, the Oxford Union. A woman who told George H. W. Bush, "You are creating a Frankenstein" through his support of Islamists in Afganistan. How wonderfully intelligent, prescient, and completely ignored, that was.

Not that she was a saint. She was removed from power twice for corruption, none of which was ever really proven but still...she was a politician and, well, I don't generally trust politicians. Who knows, there is evidence both ways and Pakistani courts are not known for their ability to be impartial so I will leave it to the historians.

Still, what is Pakistan left with in the wake of this? A gaping void in the mesh of power in the country. A group (The PPP) that will be very angry and probably strike reprisals. A twisted old coot trying desperately to hold on to power who probably had a hand in making sure she was killed eventually. It doesn't portend well for us as people and it doesn't portend well for the future of Pakistan.

Why again do we support Musharraff? Tell me why Condi Rice, tell me why?