"I said I don't have lobbyists running my campaign, and he's not running my campaign." Mitt Romney, January 2008 [my emphasis]

So, although Ron Kaufman is a registered lobbyist and a senior advisor who helps Mitt train for debates (I would argue one of the more important strategic enterprises of a presidential campaign) he is not Running his campaign. Heaven help anyone who thinks that having a campaign advisor who is a well known Washington lobbyist is tantamount to having lobbyists running your campaign.

Maybe Mitt would have answered differently had the question been phrased differently. Willard M. Romney is obviously a stickler for the technicalities of semantic communication. Would he have answered in the affirmative if asked, "Do you have lobbyists helping to run your campaign?". Obviously, according to Willy Mac, Beth Myers is the only one who can be said to be Running his campaign.

This man is a slime ball who will say anything to get elected. I'm not saying that I think any other candidate out there aside from probably Kucinich and possibly Ron Paul are ideologically pure enough to truly be free of lobbyist pressure. I simply detest this kind of blatant disregard for the facts. If you want lobbyists to advise you then do it, go whole hog. You don't even have to mention it if you don't want to. Just don't run your campaign on an 'anti-lobbyist' platform while your actions show that this is not the case.

If you need to tie yourself in semantic pretzels to justify your choice of campaign staff in light of your platform, you do not deserve to be president. It really is that simple in my eyes.

Unfortunately this grease ball has fooled even me in the past. For that and any other statements I have made which would seem to cast him in a positive light I apologize to the world at large for my grievous error. If Braden still reads my blog, I'd be interested in his spin on this.

Here is a good article with some more insight into those who run Willy Mac the Rominator's campaign.