Mitt Romney is just so much fun to watch. It's like a car accident that you can't peel your eyes away from.
As the title of my last post proves I am willing to co-opt black lingo to my own ends. I will never pretend to be black or to speak this way. I do tend to use it with my tongue frimly planted in my cheek. Not so for Mr. Romney.

This video proves he is easily the most painfully white candidate there could ever be. While I don't have anything against a candidate saying things like, "Who let the dogs out? Who? Who?" at embarrassingly ridiculous moments and stating, "What's happening? You've got some bling-bling there" as he coos to a little boy, in his case it seems maybe just a bit forced.

Every time I hear or see him he has adopted some little tic, colloquialism, or catch-phrase unique to the voters he is attempting to woo. This is not unique to him, it is an age old political shtick. It just so happens that he is so obviously a slick, tightwad, elite white male that it comes across to me as insulting when he tries to talk about "Letting the Dogs Out" or "Being an agent of change in Washington" (a tired line from any politician).

Does anyone really think that he knows that song and quoted it off the top of his head? I doubt it. I would guess that he probably had a strategy session with his top advisers (were any lobbyists present?) and they went over things he could say to "reach" the constituents. I'd just love to see him bouncing to the beat of the Baha Men in his pimped out Impala, I just don't think he has ever so much as let the radio dial rest on a "black" station.

I can't believe people don't see right through this blatant and obvious front he puts up. He is not a good actor. I'm not saying no other candidates do this, I'm saying that most are smart enough not to so blatantly act like someone they are not (Guacamole and chips metaphors spouted to Latino's, of course, is an example that others do this as well). Others are at least better actors when they pull this prank.

Mitt, unfortunately, should stick to the priviledged, white male persona. He embodies it and there is no way he will ever be able to get away from that. He would do better to make fun of his whiteness than to co-opt the cultural lingo of something he is so obviously not a part of. It might also help his campaign if his platform in any way was designed to help the plight of minority voters. Unfortunately it is not and the polls have shown that minorities, other than anti-cuban latino's, see right through his act.