Last night at about 3:30am my phone rang...twice. My son had difficulty sleeping so I was nominally awake. I answered it the second time it rang thinking maybe it was an emergency but whoever it was hung up. The number was listed as Private so I couldn't call them back.

Hmm...not all that unusual, just a wrong number.

Today at lunch my phone rings again from a Private number. I answer and say hello. This is the response.

Woman: "Hello? this is Kelly."
Me: "Hi, I'm afraid I don't recognise you. This is Jens Hegg."
Woman: "I know. You gave me your number last night."
Me: "Oh?...I'm afraid I don't know who you are."
Woman: "Yes you do. You're very Rude."


Who is this mystery woman? I was in the house all night with my son last night except for a small period when we went out to eat at a Thai place. I haven't given my number out to anyone for ages. I do know a Kelly, she lives down the hall and has a son my son's age. I never gave her my number, although in planning a play date I nearly did last week. The voice and mannerisms did not match at all however.

I'm weirded out.

All I can think of is that some guy gave out a fake number to someone at a bar and it just happened to be mine. Or she dialed the number wrong three times and didn't know the name of the guy she's calling. The alternative is that a friend or acquaintance of mine gave out my name adn number as their own. Fourth, my identity has been stolen.

If it is the first scenario I hope this sorry little man's pubic hair is infested with the fleas of a thousand camels. If the second, I hope she figures it out before calling again. If it is the third, I will string them up by their toes until they have learned their lesson. If it is the last one I'm in deep doo-doo.

We'll see if anything more comes of this. I just hope it happens during the normal diurnal cycle and not at 3:30 in the morning.

Either way it is very odd.