"Europe is facing a demographic disaster. That is the inevitable product of weakened faith in the Creator, failed families, disrespect for the sanctity of human life and eroded morality."

Mitt Romney February 7, 2008 Concession Speech (transcript here)

With Mitt Romney backing away from the gaping black hole of ultra-conservatism and Reagan fantasy wanking that is the Republican race for president let me just get in one more dig at the man I have long thought was not a man at all but a cleverly disguised sock puppet.

Unfortunately he did not back away from the black hole to save himself from ultra-conservatism. Instead he backed away because that particular black hole was not quite conservative enough for him and the circle-jerk-Reagan-seance was not quite perverse enough for his tastes.

But he did go out with a bang. The qoute above really says it all to me. It shows that he is completely off his rocker and will blame anything on lack of conservative principles. Next he'll be blaming the baby boom generation for sucking dry social security. Of course he won't blame the problem on a policy decision ("you didn't privitize it soon enough"), No, he will blame it on that generation being the least faithful in American history. He will blame our problems on God because to blame them on facts would be too disheartening.
Does this man work on an farm? He certainly seems to have an abundant supply of straw and a talent for building men from it.

I think, and would love to be proven wrong, that every historian and demographer would agree that the demographic problems in Europe have more to do with the inverse relationship between standard of living and number of children than lack of faith. Of course Mitt ignores the very real fact that there is an inverse relationship between belief in God and standard of living/education. Forgive him Lord, he knows not the difference between correllation and causation.

As peoples standard of living improves they have fewer kids. Europes standard of living is very high and they have many fewer children than we do here. Lets face the facts, we are a rich nation with a huge gap between rich and poor. Europes gap between rich and poor is much narrower as they seem to actually care about their citizens welfare. Thus, it follows that they are having trouble financing social programs due to a "baby boom" effect as there is a smaller tax base to support the older generation. Why blame this on God?

Wait, I've got it. Mormons believe in having large families (seventh son of a seventh son and all that) as do Catholics and to some extent evangelicals. Man and woman are mandated by God to reproduce and interfering with this (at least to Catholics) is a sin. Therefore, in Mitt's twisted mind, it makes sense that a demographic shift towards fewer children equates directly to a lack of faith in God and a crumblling society. What a small minded twit. For a businessman who prides himself on reading the numbers to make his decisions he sure has blatantly ignored them in this case to make a trasparently false argument for the sake of energizing a rabid conservative base.
Good riddance Mitt. You made the race interesting only by allowing me to better understand and control my gag reflex.