This makes me want to cry.

8-year-old Belle Plaine boy killed in hunting accident

Minneapolis Star Tribune - "Anthony Klaseus had no reason to think that his hunting companion -- his 8-year-old son -- was nearby as he waited for wild turkeys to come within range Saturday evening in Sibley County.

The 39-year-old Belle Plaine man had told the boy, Hunter, to stay where he was -- well out of range -- as he stalked the wildfowl near County Road 6 in Faxon Township, about 3 miles west of Belle Plaine.
But Hunter, caught up in the excitement of the chase and eager to catch up with his dad, headed toward him.

Hunter, dressed in camouflage, was 20 to 30 yards away, in a grassy area near the woods where his father stood, when his father mistook him for a turkey and fired his 12-gauge shotgun, said Sibley County Sheriff Bruce Ponath."
Why are people so stupid.
  • You never hunt without a license
  • You don't bring an 8 year old out hunting when everyone knows turkey hunting is the most dangerous hunting sport there is
  • You don't seperate from your hunting partners without a foolproof plan (telling an 8 year old to "stay" is not a plan, that's asking for trouble)
  • You NEVER shoot unless you have a clear view of your target and know for sure it is what you think it is (He obviously didn't know if it was a Tom or not or he would have figured out it was neither, but then he didn't really care because he was poaching)
I feel sorry for the poor guy. Everyone makes mistakes. It's just such a stupid bunch of mistakes that are so obvious. I feel much worse for the boy and for his mother. I can't even imagine what it must be like.
Reason number three that guns are stupid and people are stupider.