From TGSCOM website:

Owner of Web-based Firearms Company that Sold to Virginia Tech and NIU Shooters to Forgo Profits to Help Prevent Future Loss of Life TGSCOM will sell guns at cost for next two weeks to help give law-abiding citizens the “tools to prevent tragedy".

Psychotics of All Stripes and Shades, get your weapons cheap before it's too late!

Don't Be a Victim! Get your Glock before it's too late!

Is the firearm in the background indeed an M4 assault rifle? What does that say exactly? It says to me that an arms race is in the works. A simple Glock will no longer do. No, we potential "victims" need to get an assault rifle before the criminals do.

Luckily, if we hurry we can get one before April 7th. Hopefully we can get one "at cost" before the crazy people do. Heaven knows the "evildoers" won't feel obliged to help themselves at a sale like this, no, they have criminal morals to uphold. Shooting defenseless bystanders just isn't any fun when you know in the back of your mind you didn't pay full price. The thrill is cheapened in direct proportion to the price paid for the murder weapon. A shiv is merely a weapon of convenience, a true killer uses this!

Eric Thompson has officially made my list of people I wouldn't spit on to stop a fire. Between this post and the last post I've never seen such an underhanded, sleezy method of capitalizing on a shitty situation before (Well, Dick Cheney and Halliburton is bad, but on a totally different scale) He is the lowest form of filth.