John Hagee is a scumbag with power, religious power (read: control of an army of mindless religious drones) no less. I can't quite believe that people are buying his apology to the Catholic League. It is obviously circumspect in it's ability to parse his own statements without regard to the rampant anti-catholic sentiment in the evangelical community. Do people really believe that Hagee has gone all this time spouting about the "Whore of Babylon" without understanding Catholocism and suddenly read up on the subject only to find his beliefs were unfounded? His apology is also completely insignificant compared to his actual beliefs.
His latest book, Jerusalem Countdown: A Warning to the World, interprets the Bible to predict that Russian and Arab armies will invade Israel and be destroyed by God.

This will set up a confrontation over Israel between China and the West, led by the anti-Christ, who will be the head of the European Union, Pastor Hagee writes.

That final battle between East and West - at Armageddon, as the actual Israeli location of Meggido is known in English - will precipitate the second coming of Christ, he concludes.

BBC news, 2006

Does anyone care what color shoes the devil wears? (Prada?) This is a man who duplicitously states support for Isreal in order to bring about it's near destruction in an orgiastic world war culminating in the rebirth of a dead man. This man would risk millions of lives in the hope that he could bring about a personal meeting with his imaginary god. He is possibly one of the most selfish and egotistical men on the planet and certainly one of the least intelligent.

Would it matter if he hated Catholics, or blames Katrina on gays given the context of his belief? And yet tens of thousands pay his salary ($1mil+. Yep, he's really livin' like Jesus! Now largely hidden from the IRS) and a presidential candidate solicits his endorsement amid a geopolitical climate that could actually give rise to these insane beliefs.

I pity anyone who believes Hagee's garbage and pity John McCain for his lack of fortitude and inability to stan up for himself rather than pander.

Oh...and Bill Donahue of the catholic league is a wet noodle. He accepted the apology after making these statements? What a tool.

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