What would you do for a Super Sized calamari snack?
The risk is apparently worth the reward for the pilot whale.

The pilot whale may be the fastest accelerating whale in the ocean as well as a major predator of the giant squid. Unbelievably they dive down to 0.6 of a mile in only 15 minutes, then begin pursuit of prey. In this dark environment they use echolocation to target prey and when they find something they give chase, fast. The whales can sprint up to 650 feet at 20mph, all while holding their breath.

The strategy is not without risk...

Much like the cheetah, which uses speed to catch up to much larger prey and thus risks injury and exhaustion in the attempt, the pilot whale risks death from drowning and exhaustion.

Interestingly, the whale's prized prey species may be the giant squid. Partially eaten giant squid pieces have been found in the vicinity of pilot whale pods and the picture above shows what may be a giant squid tentacle hanging from the maw of a pilot whale off the coast of the Canary Islands