How did it happen? The Bible made me do it.
Anchor: So none of’s not planned…its just whatever happens happens?

JimBob: No, we just have let the Lord decide

Especially telling quote. (On significance of mothers day gift)
Daughter: Because my mom is usually pregnant she’s kind of in between stages and so she didn’t have a lot of outfits…so we picked this one out for her.

I can't really criticize this family for having 18 kids. Kids are great. Amazingly it seems that they have done a phenomenal job keeping up given the stress and financial load this must put on them (debt free). I'm sure that their ability to self promote has helped keep them out of the poorhouse. Without a check from the Discovery Channel for their show I doubt you could keep up their lifestyle with that many kids, but who knows.

As for the effect on the planet, well, I think we can all guess what the consequences of this would be on population growth, resource use, and global warming if this were the norm. Luckily, I think most human females would be physically incapable of this level of fecundity.

Here are some fun facts about their family. Wow, I can't imagine having to buy multiple commercial appliances to keep my kids in food and clothes. And 11.5 years of pregnancy? The thought makes me ill.