I've been trying to think of ways to make this blog a bit more regular. More fiber doesn't seem to be helping. I needed something to get things moving around here and keep them moving on a daily basis. Nothing starts things moving and keeps them going like a good scare. Thus, without further adieu let me present:

The Monday Fundie
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Todays Monday Fundie comes to us via Apologetics Press

T. Rex Slowing Down These Days
by Caleb Colley, B.A., B.S.
In 2005, the scientific world celebrated the 100th anniversary of the initial description and naming of the fearful reptile, Tyrannosaurus rex(see Harrub, 2005b). Evolutionists are aware of the immense appeal of this most famous of all dinosaurs, and are eager to use it and over 900 other dinosaurs to make the theory of evolution appealing to audiences of all ages (e.g., “Jurassic Park...,” 2000). Evolutionary scientists consistently ignore the overwhelming evidence that establishes the historical coexistence of dinosaurs and humans, choosing instead to blindly propagate the idea that dinosaurs became extinct millions of years prior to the arrival of mankind (see Harrub and Thompson, 2003; Harrub, 2005a). Therefore, it is unlikely that any news about the physical structure of T. rex will be sufficient cause for evolutionists to recant. However, it is worth noting that current scientific evidence continues to bolster the case for the coexistence of dinosaurs and humans, and weaken the evolutionists’ conclusions concerning these “terrible lizards.”

One of the arguments for the evolutionary historical framework is that dinosaurs, being large and ferocious, would have been untamable, terrifying, and would have destroyed all humans, had the two groups been contemporaries. Humans and dinosaurs, some assert, are so infinitely incompatible that it is impossible to imagine that the two ever coexisted. John Clayton went so far as to assert that “[i]t is ludicrous to suggest that man cohabited with the dinosaurs” (1991, p.37). Clayton further stated that “[m]an could not have lived in a world full of dinosaurs” (1990, p. 14). By noting the many existing animals that possess the power to terrorize and destroy human life, Lyons and Thompson demonstrated the legitimacy of the claim that dinosaurs and humans could have inhabited Earth at the same time (2005). The modern presence of Komodo dragons weighing 100 pounds, elephants weighing 11 tons, and whales weighing 200 tons, makes the claim that dinosaurs could not have lived with humans seem ridiculous. Also militating against the evolutionists’ position on this point is the fact that many dinosaurs were surprisingly less threatening than popular portrayals indicate. Many dinosaurs were small. And now, it appears, a crown jewel in the collection of evolutionary propaganda tools has suffered a severe setback.
#1) I wasn't aware that there was even a debate about people coexisting with dinosaurs outside the kids toy aisle and Land of the Lost (movie coming in 2009!).

#2) It had never even crossed my mind that T. rex might have wiped humans off the face of the earth had they coexisted (I do know gamers who have endlessly debated the defensive and offensive power of dragons. Does that count?).

#3) I was unaware of the risk of vast numbers of people being killed by komodo dragons, elephants, and whales being that only one is a terrestrial carnivore (a slow predator limited to small pacific islands) and the largest doesn't even have proper teeth (unless you wake up with nightmares of being strained through a baleen sieve, in which case you have my deepest sympathy).

#4) I wasn't aware that a double undergraduate major qualified one as an authority on T. rex archeaology and paleoecology. Obvoiusly neither my single Biology B.A. nor the Phd of Jack Horner make the grade against a man with a double major in Communications (BA) and Bible (BS) from Freed-Hardeman University. The irony of getting a BS degree in Bible is just too over the top to describe!

In keeping with the metaphor above I should warn you to check your pants after reading this. Stupid this bad is likely to scare the...well, ya'know what I mean...