Just when you think that the days of self torture as an act of faith are nearing an end, this pops up.

Literally meaning "a raisin", the zebiba is a patch of hardened skin where the forehead touches the ground during Muslim prayers.

Some welcome the trend as a sign of devotion, others say it is ostentatious piety.
I had no idea that getting a callous on ones forhead was considered to be the "cool" thing to do for devout Muslims (Men only of course, don't want to ruin your womans pretty face). Curiously this tends to only happen in Egypt and not throughout the Muslim world. Does this mean that Egyptians are more devout, or that mabye it is a meaningless method to gain social acceptance.

On a related note, you really should take a look at this Jesus & Mo cartoon I found. Honestly, I thought about posting it here and decided a fatwah against me was not what I wanted with my life right now.

Why though, do the Danish cartoonists get all the fun? Jesus & Mo have been around a while and they don't regularly incite riots in the middle east. I'm confused by the fundamentalist mindset. I find the cartoons hilariously irreverant, but to your average Muslim the idea of drawing Muhammed as Jesus' roomate (and frequently at bars) while coining phrases such as "rug butting" is, well, grounds for a good stoning. I'm confused.