I am continually amazed at the callousness of people who would rather eschew all other methods of healing rather than risk their own lives in Hell to heal their children. If my child were sick I would try every method available to get them well (within reason and a shred of scientific reasoning).

A 16 year old boy from the Folllowers of Christ church in Oregon has died after refusing treatment for a urethral blockage. His cousin died just a couple months earlier at the age fo 15 months due to treatable pneumonia after her parents resfused treatment in favor of praying and the laying on of hands.

These people are sick! Wikipedia notes that their child mortality rate is 26 time higher than the national average! And they have an outpost in Caldwell, Idaho near my hometown. Ugghh! I feel dirty.

This group has abosolutely nothing going for it in my mind. Unlike other ridiculous "miracle healing" religions they don't even have a decent international news operation to boost their prominence among the inteligencia.

I think this quote from a comment on a satirical site for the church sums up faith healing perfectly.

"The water was rising near a man's house. A policeman came by and told him he should evacuate. The man said, "God will protect me." Then the water was up to his front door. A man in a boat came by and told him to hop in. The man said, "God will protect me." Then the water was up to the rafters and the man was on the roof. A helicopter came by, but the man waved it away, yelling, "God will protect me." The man drowned. Standing before God, the man asked, "Why didn't you protect me?" God replied, "Well first I sent the policeman, then the boat, then the helicopter. I did my best for you."

I wonder how many Iowans would follow this advice literally right now? Probably none, but I could be surpised.