Some of you may remember this post from over the winter. Apparently Americans are getting fatter faster than even I imagined.

Since January I dropped another size. I haven't gained or lost a pound in the intervening months. I am now a size Small in Alpine Designs brand outdoor shorts (picture courtesy of EBay)

If I, or my friends or family, put much stock in my waist size I guess I would be elated and celebrate by going on a binge of DQ Blizzards and Twinkies. Luckily I could care less as I think I'm quite fit as it is. In fact, I'm a bit depressed.

I found a pair of Alpine Designs canvas hiking shorts on clearance at Sportmart the other day. Who can resist shorts from $7.97 and I seem to have worn holes in all my shorts so I'm desperate to find some before hot weather settles in. But the only color I liked was picked down to Small and X-Large sizes. Hoping for the best, and remembering my last atempt to buy clothes there, I put the smalls up to my waist. Lo and behold, they seemed about right so I decided to try them on. And no, they don't look like the model on the right, they actually fit. Not only were they about right, I have about an extra inch and a half to spare in the waist.

The only explanation is that everyone else is getting fatter at the speed of a sperm whale freefalling toward Magrathea. I have, on occasion, fit into a medium but not once in my life have I ever been able to wear a small in anything. What next, Levi's Petites? The boys section?

The biggest problem in the future would seem to be finding pants with a resonable girth to length ratio. I'll be walking around in highwaters because I won't be able to find pants with a 33 inch waist that have an inseam longer than 26 inches.

Oh, well. There is always more selection on the clearance rack for those outside the median size. I'm glad that the "national average' has passed me by. Cheap clothes here I come!