I had planned a post on the extremist reaction to California's Gay Marriage ruling, but looking through the blogosphere I had a hard time finding any raving psycho's that were worthy of a Mondy Fundie post. I think this is indicative of the fact that these folks are a minority in the discussion. People may poll as against gay marriage but most have a "live and let live" attitude about it, they don't want to be getting involved in other peoples bedrooms.

Unfortunately some seem to want to jump right into the first gay bedroom they can find and act like a bull in a china shop.

Check out the crazy look in this guys eyes! I can practically see the spittle foaming as he blusters his inane babble about, "Homophiles should not be getting married because that is illegal, ok!". What is he talking about? The whole point is that it is now legal. I assume he is somehow conflating modern jurisprudence with "Gods Law" in his head.

On a side note. How can you get all lathered up about the evil nature of gay marriage when you see the cute (and obviously very happy) lesbian couple above. I can't imagine how amazing they must feel to finally have the right to marry.

Then there is this guy. He flat out scares me with his stupid. I'll post what he has to say in full, but don't feel obliged to read it. Anyone who's first argument against homosexuality is that it will lead to the death of the species through lack of reproduction is a moron. Anyone who states that they are about to "express their scientific perspective" on the issue and then proceeds to blather on without citing any scientific facts deserves to be ignored.

Be warned however, as he makes clear that going against his arguments would be a disasterous argumentative mistake.
Please keep in mind that i am a member of mensa and the High I.Q society, so if anyone wants to go against my intelligence feel free to do so because my I.Q is over 200.

Oooooo...I bet his daddy can beat up my daddy too. Mensa obviously does not provide grammer or spelling lessons to its members. Anyone who posts the Mensa logo as the header for their rant should automatically be assumed to be insane and not a member of Mensa.

Here goes the pseudo comedy:

I am here to express my scientific perspective of why i am strongly opposed to gay marriage for reasons it could endanger the entire existence of the human race. I am also opposed to homosexuality because it is wrong and unhealthy for society and there is scientific evidence to prove that it will do more harm than good if it is promoted as a acceptable lifestyle. A lot of of people also point out to God as the main reason why this is wrong, and who can blame people especially if this goes against many religion practices world wide and viewed as abomination against God. If gay people say this is all untrue they are calling God a liar and disrespecting peoples religious beliefs. I feel very offended that people don't realize they are offending people who have homosexuality against their religious beliefs. Everyone in this country has a right to express his and her point of view, it is a free country. Those politicians in California are a bunch of idiots, they are endangering the human race with their stupidity. I will point out many reasons why i feel this is really bad and must be stopped. Please keep in mind that i am a member of mensa and the High I.Q society, so if anyone wants to go against my intelligence feel free to do so because my I.Q is over 200. Here is my major reasons based on scientific studies why this is bad for humanity, along with homosexuality.

1. Gay marriage will kill the entire human race- If one day the majority of the world accepts homosexuality, eventually there will be no one to come and reproduce children anymore. The human race will die off within one generation, and the human race will be no more. It is a threat to the human race and could drive humanity to the brink of extinction. We cannot allow this dangerous future to procede for it one day it will lead to doomsday.

2. AIDS- Controversial as it may seem, the first findings of a rare cancer that was eventually killing off gay people started to be labelled as a gay cancer in the 1980's here in the United States. There is still a lot of controversy regarding the original origin of the disease, and a lot of people say it originated through homosexual sex and not from monkeys in africa. Later on the disease went on to spread into heterosexuals and eventually people try to take off the bad rap from the homosexual community.

3. Rise of Suicide rates- Suicide rates world wide will rise intensively with Gay marriage being legal especially to those who adopt kids. Other problems such as depression, humiliation, and other psychological problems will be brought in as the young kids become confused on their views towards religion and what the world is promoting causing them to go insane. There have been real scientific studies which prove this to be correct, and it can really harm a young persons development.

4. Marriage should be protected- The true scientific design for marriage was for men and women to reproduce and bring forth children into this world. I feel we have crossed the red line already trying to promote new radical and evil ideas into the mainstream by allowing gay people to show gay marriage in a positive light. If this does not stop now, what then in the future? We will have men marrying animals? Men marrying little girls? So you see not only does this go against God but it is also proven to be unscientifically healthy for all humanity.

5. Gays are calling God a liar- Well if they say everything said in religion is wrong and they say God is a liar, i really do not understand how they expect people to see them in a positive light.

Gay marriage is wrong and so is homosexuality is wrong. No one will accept it, especially those who have sufficient intelligence to understand how harmful it will be to society in the future. We are doing this for your own good. There is a lot of people who have homosexuality as something that goes strongly against their religious beliefs.

If you read this far, please, go take a shower. Stupid this bad has been known to cause loss of brain matter and catatonic states due to transdermal infection. Heaven help you if you get it in your eyes.