What is wrong with this quote from Ray Comfort?
It was early in the morning, late in 2004. Very early. Most people in the airport looked as though they could have done with an extra week or so in bed. I was flying back from New York to Los Angeles waiting to board a plane when a tall man asked me, "What rows did they call?" I answered, "First class . . . the rich folks." He smiled and said, "Yeah. The ones who should be going on their own Learjet." I handed him a Million Dollar Bill tract and said, "Here's the down payment on your Learjet." When he smiled, I passed him a Department of Annoyance tract, and said, "And here's my card." He turned it over and to my horror began to read out loud the gospel message on the back--despite the fact that the text was printed in reverse to give me getaway time. When I quickly added, "It's a gospel tract," he mumbled "I'm an atheist."

How can you on one hand profess undying devotion to your god and on the other hand out tracts with the express intent of, "getaway time"? So, Ray Ray is just as embarrassed by the whole deal as anyone else would be, but does it to get into heaven?

I have to admit that the two tracts he mentions would make me laugh if he gave them to me. They are fairly clever and certainly better than the average Chick tract or Guideposts. Still, if he believes this stuff he aught to be willing to stick around.

The Million Dollar Bill tract:

The Department of Annoyance tract is here:

Department of Annoyance card

The text on the back is written backward, so that a mirror is needed to read it.