As if John Hagee wasn't doing enough to usher in the end times the discovery of the uncontacted tribe in Brazil has got the apocalypse junkies jabbering. Check out this thread on Rapture Ready message board: (I've selected the doozies for your reading pleasure)

According to this news article there are 100's of tribes uncontacted, so my question is does this mean more time for the gentiles? Whoppee! Like having a ticking crocodile after me!

I hope these Indians get left alone...
They don't need to be corrupted by our "world". A voice of sanity!

But they need to be evangelized. Every tribe, every tongue, and every nation....There went sanity, out the window!

I think that's what they (the international law thingy) are trying to do, protect the tribes from other religions and customs...Yep, that thingy, keep studying.

is that Living With the Mek? looked interesting, but i have trouble with the natives' state of undress, so i had to pass on it its easier for me to read about it in black and white...The nekkid, it hurts, it hurts!

yes, but I was able to not pay attention their body, and just look at their faces. Something I do everyday when dealing with people , but I do it because I love them and I love Christ. in fact, I completely forgotten how they dressed except that it is immodest. being a nurse assistant at a nursing home helped.I believe you, you didn't peek even once!
Hearing Christians argue about conflicting scripture is interesting also. Matthew 24 and some of Revelations says that all the world must hear the word before the Rapture will occur (Thus the need to proselytize). Yet other people on the board argued that God shows himself to everyone and thus the rapture could happen any time.

Watching as an outsider this kind of discussion seems so ridiculous. They unfurl these grand stories based on what amounts to a handful of unspecific and conflicting biblical passages and then argue about how true they are. Huh??