Sick Whiffle Ball Pitcher - Watch more free videos
This guy is amazing! I didn't know you could get that kind of speed, accuracy, and movement from a Wiffle Ball without throwing your arm out. Whatever you think of Wiffle Ball as a sport you have to admit that this guy has some serious talent.

Simple physics limits what you can do with an actual baseball, but really good pitchers are better than you expect. I was never any good at pitching, or hitting for that matter, but did have a pitching coach who was a former major league prospect. His curveball whistled nearly as loud as those wiffleballs on release. It never hung, just headed straight for the plate and then dropped like a rock. I once saw him throw a pitch as a lesson demo that appeared headed for the strike zone but hit the ground about an inch before the plate. You could never sustain pitches like that through a whole game, but the lesson stuck. You can do pretty amazing things with a baseball with good technique. It makes you realise just how much talent it takes to play baseball at the highest level.