As some of you may remember Tim Spicer, CEO of Aegis Security a major player in Iraq and the bullets behind this gruesome video I posted earlier, has more than a few connections to the seedy underbelly of mercenary justice worldwide. His good friend Simon Mann was finally convicted in a plot to overthrow the government of Equatorial Guinea in order to let people in on oil wealth and other juicy tidbits that come with ruling a small third world nation.

Thank god he'll be behind bars until he's too old to effect any more treachery. Too bad we in America so convienently forget that Tim Spicer was arrested in a coup attempt in New Guinea, called the Sandline Affair 'ethical, and yet is one of the major groups hired by the US military as basically mercenaries in Iraq.

I'm glad at least Simon Mann has recieved his just desserts.

On the other hand I feel bad for him as it sounds like his sentence will be carried out in Black Beach Prison in Equatorial Guinea, one of the worst prisons on the planet. Further, the ruling despot of Equatorial Guinea, Obiang Nguema, has made this pronouncement:

According to sources inside Equatorial Guinea, the President has promised his henchmen that once Mann, a close friend of Sir Mark Thatcher, is extradited to Black Beach, he will be paraded in triumph to his palace in the old port of Malabo to be sodomised personally by the President before being skinned alive.

Whatever I think of Mann's crimes I don't think they deserve this sort of treatment.