SNL has always seemed to me to be on the edge, if not wallowing in, irrelevancy. But they always seem to hit the nail on the head just often enough to bring back the fuzzy feelings from their glory days. Still, I don't think they've ever hit the nail quite so squarely as with their parody of Sarah Palin vs. Katie Couric.

One of the best comic parodies I've ever seen. The scary part is how funny the actual interview is (if you can keep from imagining Sarah Palin taking control of "the football" after John McCain's untimely demise in office). Take a gander.

Boom! With one fell swoop Couric and SNL both have breathed new life into their flagging careers. It's too bad that it took John McCain making one of the worst VP decisions in the history of modern american politics to do it, but then what is Christmas dinner without a goose to cook?