I've been looking around on eMusic trying to deplete a "75 free songs" promotion. It's been far too long since I've stepped out and bought music. All my favorite artists have new CD's out and I won't have any extra free tracks to download random stuff to expand my musical mind! Arggh! Slow down people, take a break to tour...What?...yeah, it's been several years but can't you do a European tour?...You did?...Man, I'm really out of it!

Anyway. Haley Bonar isn't one of my favorites. She writes some amazing songs but so many are super slow and depressing. Still, she was on eMusic and I thought I'd check her out. I found this video on her blog. Thank God for the Current, what a blessing to music.

My favorite song of hers is still "Drinking Again", although "Devilish Man" is pretty good too. I think she does her best when she sticks to this country/americana type stuff, but I guess I'm just not into the super slow dreamy stuff as much as some people are.