This is one of the greatest monologues I've ever heard. It's hard to be a thinking person and not see some of the blatant hypocrisy inherent in strict belief in bronze age texts when you watch this. I think he comes to the wrong conclusion in the end. Instead of facing the facts he twists them around into persecution by God. But, if you start from a premise of the existence of God it's hard to argue against your own premise without knocking down your argumentative house of cards I suppose.

I would recommend watching the entire movie, God on Trial. It's short, available on YouTube, and featured on Masterpiece Theatre. What more could a person want from their theatre. Whoever wrote this had a stroke of genius. The setting puts all the arguments into sharp relief and gives urgency to arguments that are often glossed over. In our current fat and happy state as members of the 1st world it is easy to forget that there is a difference between just power and power that is just on your side.