My dad and I have had the good fortune to score two sets of great tickets to the WSU cougar basketball games in Pullman. The games are too loud, long, and late for Berlyn most of the time but he wanted to see real basketball being played. So...we braved returning to my alma mater to see a Garfield-Palouse High School basketball game. Here is a video of Berlyn watching the action with one of his preschool buddies that happened to be there.

In case your wondering good 'ol GPHS Vikings pulled out a victory in grand fashion against the overmatched Walla Walla Valley Academy Knights. The final was 94~30-something, with the third string players having to run a stall play for much of the last 3:00 minutes in order to keep the score under 100 and maintain a modicum of respect for their opponents pride. I guess God was not on the side of the crusaders that night.

It is funny to see a highschool game again. The players are so small. It doesn't help that their lineup this year is very short anyway but I seem to remember thinking we were alot bigger than we were when I was a highschooler. Ah...the hubris of youth.

Tim Coles is still the coach and despite being 13 years removed from the team I still knew exactly what defensive and offensive sets they were in. In B-league basketball there is simply no stopping the matchup-zone defense. It is strange though to find yourself yelling specific instructions to the players as a form of cheering; "Flash from the weak side to break the press", "If they cover the middle the strong side forward has to flash to the ball", "C'mon! Middle man has to rotate over when the ball is on the wing", "Jab step and flash to the ball in order to get open". It's like I'm in highschool all over again. Scary!