I took a trip down to Boise for the annual American Fisheries Society Idaho chapter meeting. It was a great time and a long but scenic drive. On the way down there I passed this sign on the road through the Salmon river canyon. I just had to turn back and take a picture. Only in Idaho would you see such kookery on government signs.

It turns out that this bit of religious kookery is also represented on the internet so you can torture yourself with the stunted and mangled godspeak that cults are made of. It's like a mix between King James english and legalese, worse than your average charasmatic wackaloonery. All I was able to get out of it is that the leader and his partner/wife (I didn't see mention of a congregation) believe that Jesus is the antichrist, lives in Gods house, and God is about to wage war on him to get it back, thus somehow bringing on the end of the world and punishing the sinners in teh process. I think anyway...the gibberish is pretty thick.

Lucky for you there is also 3 CD's worth of free praise music as well. The woman who sings them has a nice voice, but the songs and introductions are a bit over the top. They seem like nice people, and not the type to amass weaponry, so I say live and let live. Still, it's hard sometimes to believe how wacky this stuff can get.

On the up side, I can't think of a more beautiful place to live. As cults go the Yahweh 666 Warning Assembly has several legs up on cults in such fiendishly boring places as Waco, Texas and other sundry places. That's Idaho for ya!